HotmixPRO Dry

The most advanced Tabletop Dehydrator


  • HotmixPro Dry transforms the recipes of your cafè and your kitchen in unique and inimitable creations.
  • HotmixPro Dry is unique among the category of commercial counter-top dehydrators.
  • Entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Maximum capacity eight trays 530x325mm that are split in two parts by a separator/collecting drop.
  • Horizontal air flow run by two independent fans for a perfect and homogeneous aeration of the product.
  • The Air flow is adjustable between ten different speeds in relation to temperature of the chamber and to the product that must be dehydrated.
  • Chance to set two temperatures, which are independently controlled by two separate probes, which can also be used at the same time.
  • Temperature control degree by degree.
  • Energy savings thanks to the use of two separate zones at variable temperature.
  • Temperature range: from room temperature to 100°C.

  • The outside of the unit is always cold thanks to the double chamber, which separates the inner part and outer one.
  • High resistance. Operating time up to 150 hours maximum.
  • Basic drying methods already stored in the unit.
  • Possibility to customize your own drying methods.
  • Chance to update the unit with new software releases.
  • Between the union of HotmixPro Smoke and HotmixPro Dry, is possible to create an hot smoker with a perfect control of the temperature.
  • Power supply 110V-240V.