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HotmixPRO Dry


HotmixPRO revolutionizes the dehydration world with a range of 3 appliances with different capacity and extraordinary features able to provide endless possibilities.

Equipped with 1/1 stainless steel Gastronorm trays, HotmixPRO dehydrators transform your recipes in unique and inimitable creations, with strong flavors and surprising textures.

Today, the need to preserve preparations in absence of humidity and at constant temperature is increasingly pressing, as well as the need to dehydrate fresh products for storage and other innovative uses such as powders, skins, crystals and wafers.

DRY is the range of professional dehydrators made of stainless steel rated 304. The following features can be found in every model:

  • Horizontal air flow, handled by independent fans for a perfect and uniform aeration of the products
  • 10 different air flow speeds
  • Chance to set two different temperature and fan speed settings, with independent probes – usable either together or individually
  • Degree by degree temperature control
  • Temperature range from +24°C to +90°C

  • Energy savings thanks to the ability to use just one of the chambers
  • Energy savings thanks to the double-layered chamber
  • Externally cold
  • Chance to operate continuously for up to 150 hours
  • 12 pre-stored dehydration programs
  • Ability to store customer’s programs
  • Easy software updates


ModelZonesFansResistancesMotors Total PowerGastronorm 1/1 Trays
HotmixPRO Dry222 x 800W2 x 100W1'800W8 + 1 separator / drip tray
HotmixPRO Dry M244 x 800W4 x 100W3'600W18 + 1 separator / drip tray
HotmixPRO Dry L244 x 800W4 x 100W3'600W28 + 1 separator / drip tray
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Take a look at the HotmixPRO Range!

HotmixPRO Easy:

from 24°C to 130°C, painted steel body, up to 10’050 rpm. Your entry-level companion.

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HotmixPRO Gastro:

from 24°C to 190°C, stainless steel body, up to 12’500 rpm, recipe memory and more!

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HotmixPRO Gastro X:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 16’000 rpm, up to 12 hours of work… powerful and tireless!

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HotmixPRO Twin:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 12’500 rpm, and double capacity, with its two independent bowls!

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HotmixPRO Gastro XL:

from 24°C to 190°C, up to 16’000 rpm, up to 12 hours of work… and improved 3-lts capacity!

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HotmixPRO 5 STARS:

from 24°C to 190°C, stainless steel body, and 5 lts capacity, ideal for the biggest restaurants!

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HotmixPRO Breeze:

from -24°C to room temperature, it’s the first thermal mixer specialized in chilling!

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HotmixPRO Combi:

on one side, it’s like a Gastro; on the other, like a Breeze – versatile and performant!

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HotmixPRO Creative:

from -24°C to +190°C, it’s the first appliance of its category able to chill and cook in the same bowl!

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HotmixPRO Master

from 24°C to 190°C, 16’000 rpm, 12 hours of continuous work… and the incredible ability to make vacuum in its bowl while working!

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HotmixPRO Smoke

A professional cold smoker, able to run the smoke through liquids, and compatible with every other HotmixPRO unit.

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HotmixPRO Dry

Entirely in stainless steel, with 2 separate areas, recipes, and compatibility with our smoker: this new tabletop dehydrator will really surprise you!

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HotmixPRO Master Breeze:

quickly cool down to -24°C while creating vacuum into the bowl

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HotmixPRO Crio:

the quickest way to turn your ice cream base into instant ice cream

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HotmixPRO Giaz:

make up to 10 portions of instant ice cream in 60 seconds, without any waste and with full control over the results

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